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My name is Eric; I am a geek. I like to do geeky things like make computers smart (or make them trick me into believing I am accomplishing such a feat...), collect old computer parts that I'll never use, but save indefinitely ("just in case"), and buy multitudes of smallish electronic devices containing digital cameras.

I spend many minutes of my life wondering why I'm wasting them on such pointless things as wondering why I'm wasting them on such pointless things. I suppose that's something a geek would think about too.

I strive for excellence, every day making it a point to better myself in some way (unless I'm too tired). I will not settle for mediocrity (unless it's too much of a hassle to surpass it). I love smoking, SPAM®, Stephen King, Neil Stephenson, Easy Cheese®, Consolas, T-SQL, playing guitar, chess, "Pulp Fiction", "The Matrix" (part 1), and warning others of the imminent destruction of our planet by the chickens. I hate Apple, Sony, WYSIWYG editors, and getting off my ass.

I am married to and am profusely in love with Lisa, an accomplished attorney and a person that somehow manages to be intelligent, funny, and beautiful, all at the same time. Together, we have a son, Dominic. Although, as of this writing, he is only 5 months old, his short-term plans are to prove Goldbach's conjecture and to create a theory of quantum gravity.

If you would like to know my technical abilities, please have a look at my résumé. It's a bit out of date, but I'm very happy in my current job and haven't felt a pressing need to bring it up to date.

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